Today in Tha Wire Instagram model, Layla Lace, made a rather shocking announcement on her page this morning.  The story is all over social media right now.  According to reports Lace posted a rant on her page this morning (April 18, 2017,) blasting rapper/singer, Drake, for knocking her up!  Then as fast as the post went up, she made her page private.  Lace wasn't fast enough though, because somebody snapped a shot of her lil' announcement and now it's the story of the day.

Layla Lace - Facebook
Layla Lace - Facebook

Right now this is all straight allegations.  People will say anything, we all know that.  This isn't the first woman to claim she was pregnant for Drizzy either.  On the other is possible. The jury is out on this one for now.  In the meantime, via YouTube below is a look at what Lace told the world today:

"So I guess still in this era this is the new thing that after you tell a dude you pregnant they stop answering they phone !!!! One lesson i have learned out of this whole situation is to never be so naive when a guy disrespect you !!! Like you dont even have to do nothing wrong to this man its really unbelievable how he will just feed you with lies and hurt you for NO reason.Once you forgive and accept it just know he @champagnepapi will continue to treat you like shit !!! i should of ran for the hills but no i felt for the "Good Guy" image that this ass hole portrayed to be.What a #Fraud I feel so stupid !!! I never told this man "No" I did everything he told me to do Smfh !!!! (((NEVER))) asked him for a dime !!! cause i got my own bread whatever he did for me he did it on his own !!! i had to remind my self that this man was once a "Actor" So why the hell did i fall for his bullshit !!! What make matters worse is that when you try to be private about shit and keep ya mouth shut nobody cares !!! its ashame that i even have to come out of my character !!! I hate that i gotta put my buisness out like this.But fuck it people now a days only respect when your messy and ratchet !!! Smfh !!! FUCK YOU Drake !!! You and I know i was good to you !!! This is how you treat them dusty thirsty ass bitches that be on ya dick !!!! Not the female that wasnt even checking for you !!! Just respect me thats all i ask for !!! (((RESPECT))) THE BULLSHIT WAS UN CALLED FOR !!! Smfh But dont worry ima make sure i make a field day out of your fucking ass !!!"

Wow!  Drake...brotha for your sake, I hope she's not really pregnant.  If she is, your nightmare has officially began.  Speaking of which, she allegedly found out she was pregnant yesterday.  It's unclear as to how they got it but, MTO News, posted an alleged pic of Layla's positive pregnancy test!  The two-page document was dated April 17, 2017. This is pretty crazy, and I got a feeling it's going to worse.  Drizzy's camp has issued no comment on the matter.

That's about all I have for now, and as always if more details become available I will bring you the scoop.  Tune every weekday for all things entertainment with Tha Wire, on The People's Station 107jamz.

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