Today in Tha Wire, rap superstar Cardi B had an explosive week. Last week she dropped the new track, Be Careful, and released her highly anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy. Cardi's first LP went Gold in less than 24 hours, a true testament to her grind, and massive popularity. The Saturday the Bronx rap diva appeared for the first time on SNL. She also put an end to everyone's suspensions, by exposing her baby bump and officially announcing she's pregnant.

As no surprise Cardi is very pregnant(roughly 5 months,) of course for her fiance' Migos rapper Offset. In a gorgeous white gown, baby bump and all, Cardi performed the third single from her debut LP on the hit show. Peep her SNL performance below.

After the big SNL reveal, the 25-year old star became the very first Tonight Show co-host ever. In case you missed it, Cardi joined Jimmy Fallon Monday night for her first hosting debut. Peep some clips from her big moment on The Tonight Show below.

She did a good job! Whatcha think? The rap star sat down with The Breakfast Club and spilled all the tea on a number of topics, including her pregnancy. As always Cardi was very candid, during the interview as she talked her debut album, the stress of hiding her baby bump, and more. Ironically when Angela Yee asked how she keeps up with her hectic schedule, the performing and traveling. Cardi said she didn't want to miss any opportunities, and didn't want to let anyone down. She told the morning crew she knew everyone was depending on her and invested a lot for her to be successful. Peep the entire interview below to learn more.

Cardi's career has absolutely exploded, and as she said, learning she was expecting was a shock. With someone like her, with so much at stake the raper was overwhelmed at first. With that in mind, Charlamagne asked the tough question. "Did you consider abortion? Cardi didn't try and dodge the question, and responded honestly saying, “Kinda, sorta. But then I didn’t want to deal with the whole abortion thing. I just didn’t want to.” Cardi explained that the pregnancy wasn't planned, but she's happy and feels free especially now that everyone knows.

Congrats Cardi B! We are very happy for you, and wish you the very best. One things for sure, the raptress has no plans of slowing down. That is until she absolutely has too. So look for the Bronx rap mommy to hit a stage near you. Based on her post on Twitter this week, her grind has only intensified now that she expecting a little one. So if you thought she was going to kick back and relax now, you'd be wrong.

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