Once upon a wacky day in Tennessee, a man named Justin Wood decided it was a grand idea to take his feathered friend, Wrinkle the Duck, on a little adventure to a place called Buc-ee's. Now, Wrinkle isn't your ordinary duck; she's a top-notch service duck, with a stroller and all! Imagine walking into a store and seeing a duck in a stroller; it's like seeing a kangaroo at a dance party!

Justin and Wrinkle weren't just there to browse the aisles; they were on a mission to spread joy and duck-sized high-fives (or should I say, high-beaks?). Shoppers couldn't believe their eyes! They were flocking around Wrinkle, asking all sorts of questions and hoping for a beaky greeting.

But here's where the story gets even quackier. Justin has this YouTube channel called “SeDUCKtive,” which is all about their ducking around the country. With 2.7 million fans watching their every move, you'd think they were duck royalty!

However, not everyone was amused by the duck in a stroller. An employee waddled up to Justin and said, "Sorry, we only allow service dogs here." To which Justin replied, "She’s a service duck." It was like saying, "This isn't just any pencil; it's a magic wand!"

After a bit of back-and-forth and a few more employees getting involved, one of them finally said, "Sorry, but your feathery friend can't stay." It was like telling Batman he couldn't bring his Batmobile into the grocery store.

As they were leaving, with their goods in hand, Justin was told the police were waiting outside. Not for a crime-fighting alliance, but because Wrinkle was getting them banned from Buc-ee's. Every. Single. One. Imagine being so famous that you're banned from a chain of stores! The police officer was nice about it, though, reminding them it wasn't a personal duck decision.

So, what's the moral of this waddle-worthy tale? If you're going to bring your service duck shopping, maybe stick to pond supplies. And always remember, not all heroes wear capes; some wear feathers and go by the name Wrinkle.

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Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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