Ever wondered why supermarkets feel like a maze designed by a genius with too much time on their hands? It turns out there's a whole bunch of smart people who plan out every aisle and corner to make you wander around and fill up your cart without you even realizing it. So, next time you go shopping, don’t forget your list, or you might end up playing their game.

Aisle of grocery store in Iowa.
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Reeves Connelly, a whiz who studied how to design buildings and stuff at Pratt Institute, spilled the beans: “You wouldn’t believe how much brainpower goes into making a supermarket. They think about everything to make you buy more.” And guess what? There’s a sneaky reason why fruits and veggies greet you first thing.

“They put all the fresh stuff like fruits and veggies at the front so you feel good about grabbing chips and candy later on,” he says. And don’t think for a second that the milk and eggs being all the way at the back is an accident.

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Reeves lets us in on another secret: “Ever notice how you have to trek across the entire store just to get milk or eggs? That’s on purpose. They want you to see and hopefully buy other stuff along the way.”

And it’s not just grown-ups these clever designers are after. They’ve got plans to make kids bug their parents for stuff too. “They place the super sugary cereals right where kids can see and reach them easily, making sure the healthy stuff is harder to spot,” he adds.


If you’ve ever felt bad about leaving the store with a bunch of stuff you didn’t plan to buy, don’t beat yourself up. The checkout aisles are basically traps to make sure you buy something before you can escape.

Ever felt like you’re going in circles looking for something that was in aisle 3 last week but has now vanished? That’s another one of their tricks. “They mix things up on purpose so you can’t just zip in and out without looking at other stuff,” Reeves explains.

So, if you thought you were just being forgetful, relax, it’s all part of their plan.

A video talking about all this got tons of likes, making loads of people rethink their shopping trips and why their wallets felt lighter.

One Shopper admitted:

Their tricks always get me. I go in for 3 things and leave $300 poorer!

This is why grocery shopping is a pain. I just want my eggs and milk without going on an adventure.

But hey, there are a few proud souls who’ve never fallen for these tricks. This is why im a firm believer in Grocery Pickup!

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