Lil Wayne just announced he gearing up to hit the road in April with the launch of the "Welcome To Tha Carter Tour." Below is the full schedule, with the first stop jumping off in Minneapolis. Tickets go on sale this Friday (February) at 10 a.m. local time online at Live Nation.

Not everyone is happy about the 31-city date tour because there is one major city that is not listed. His hometown, New Orleans, will not be among the cities Lil Tunechi will be stopping in. Some Louisiana fans have a BIG problem with that. Shocked that Weezy is skipping his hometown. Fans are hot! Other fans are trying to cool the temperature by reminding NOLA fans that he was just here with a festival he created for New Orleans, LilWeezyana Fest.

noahpaxs's profile picture
You ain’t coming down to Florida???

fullyfigured_doll's profile picture
@noahpaxs boy I read that chart bout 100 times

kennethbrother's profile picture
aint no way you aint hitting New Orleans

girlthats_pj's profile picture
@kennethbrother same shit i said

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@kennethbrother bro he just was here that don’t make sense at all 😂 then LilWeezyana fest coming up again

camo97_'s profile picture
Dude how you aint coming home😭

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@camo97_ didn’t he just do a whole show there with drake and Niki

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@camo97_ that’s why he has weezy fest every year

Though some fans are pissed Weezy is not stopping, others tried to be optimistic. The truth is Lil Wayne brought his Young Money crew, Drake, Nicki, and a few more of his celebrity friends on Oct 29, 2022, for LilWeeziana Fest. I have no idea why NOLA is not a part of the tour because Wayne has not said why.

If I had to guess, I would agree with fans mentioning that Weezy comes home every year. On that same note, LilWeezyana Fest 2023 will be jumping off again in a few months! So, technically, he's coming home just with a different event. Again, that is just an assumption. Lil Wayne is the only one that can tell us the reason.

Moving on! Below is a look at Weezy's official "Welcome Tha Carter Tour" dates:

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