There are so many fast food chains in the United States but which one ranks the worst in the nation? In Louisiana, the chain we are talking about, you never hear about anymore.

Texas has 76 locations in the state but in Louisiana, we barely have one. We say barely and here is why.

We used to have a few of these fast food chains here in Louisiana, but there is only one location left in the state which is located in Shreveport, sort of. We are leery to say that the Shreveport location is even open because according to the Food Chains website, it shows that the Shreveport location is temporarily closed

We called the location ourselves and the recording said that they are temporarily closed but hope to be opening back up again so that is why we are saying we sort of have one of the worst fast-food chains left in Louisiana.


If you will remember, there was one location here in Lake Charles, Louisiana which was located in the Prien Lake Mall parking lot for decades before it was closed and torn down.

Yum Brands Sells Long John Silver's And A&W Chain Restaurants
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The food chain we are talking about is Long John Silvers, according to Yahoo Finance and Reddit. How did they determine this? Reddit said,

 A huge number of Redditors pointed out problems with food quality at Long John Silver’s. Several Redditors labeled the chain as simply awful.


There are also single-digit locations of the chain in other states neighboring Louisiana like Arkansas which only has seven locations left and Oklahoma with only ten locations. But it doesn't look like Texas will be seeing Long John Silvers go anytime soon with still having 76 locations in the state.

If you are wondering how many Long John Silvers there are left in the United States, we found out for you here. So before you know it, your state may not have any more Long John Silvers just like Louisiana.

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