Before we even try to figure out what in the world happened, I will say that the occupant of the vehicle was safely removed from the vehicle. Last weekend around 5:30 pm, the Zachary Fire Department was called to a home that involved a vehicle lodged in the roof of a home. The roof of the vehicle was literally inside the attic.

According to the ZFD, four units responded to the situation to extract the driver of the vehicle. There really was no more information as to how this incident happened. The car itself is actually upside down on its roof inside the attic of this home on Rita Street. Some commenters did notice the skinned-up Oak Tree in the front yard. That could have been the "ramp" to get the vehicle up and over on its roof by the time it hit the house.

Zachary Fire Dept
Zachary Fire Dept

Another thread of comments mentioned that the driver was having a seizure and could not press the brake. As a result, the vehicle was estimated to have been traveling at almost 70mph as it struck the tree and ramped onto the roof of the home.

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