"Oh behave!" This house would have made the ultimate Austin Powers movie set! Nathan Jackson was on Facebook when he happened on a viral post about a house for sale. He said people were going nuts over this crazy purple house because it was frozen in the 70s.

Nathan and his wife Alysha were living in Orlando, Florida, then. During an interview with the Tamron Hall Show, Nathan explained that he went from looking at the home for fun to thinking about buying it when he saw the prize and its location.  He told Tamron the price was super, and it was located where he grew up in Fort Wayne. Nathan said, "So at that point, it sort of shifted in mind from this is a cool house to look at to, wait, we could make this work."

The crazy purple house the Jackson family was looking at was on the market for $161,000 and was 2,500 square feet of pure 70s retro! Everything in this home featured original 70 decors, lighting, flooring, a retro kitchen complete with a 50-year-old orange stove, and more.


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