The Dallas Cowboys battled on the field Sunday and their fans continued that battle after the game was over.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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The Cowboys fell to the San Francisco 49ers yesterday in the NFL Divisional Round of the playoffs meaning they will fail once again to make it to the Super Bowl this season.  If you're counting at home, that's 27 years since they've last been in the championship game.

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Well, the fans did take the news well. Several fights broke out in Dallas at a watch party the team had set up for fans who weren't traveling to the game.

In this video Dallas fans fight amongst eachother. I feel sorry for the guy that got thrown to the ground, he gets absolutely pummeled.

Dallas fans weren't done with the madness. In another part of At&T Stadium at the watch party, another squabble broke out. In this next clip, it nvolves several Cowboys fans. Security is on the scene attempting to stop the fight, but he gets sucker punched by some punk in a Micah Parsons's jersey.

There's no word yet on if anyone has been arrested that was involved in these melees.

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