I think it's finally time we can put the debate of who has the best-tasting crawfish in SWLA to bed.

Daniel Scheer via YouTube
Daniel Scheer via YouTube

Crawfish Fun Fact: Did you know that the oldest fossil records show crawfish burrows in Australia from over 115 years ago? Crawfish farming didn't start to catch on until the 1960s and today Louisiana provides 70-90% of the crawfish consumed in the USA.

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Five weeks ago, we reached out to you on Facebook to get our Top 20 best-tasting crawfish places in SWLA. The following five weeks, we whtttled down the contestants from the Top 20 down to the Top 15, Top 10, and then finally Top 5 best-tasting crawfish places in SWLA.  It's time to crown our official winner.

Eliminated From The Top 5:

#2 Zydeco Crawfish (Lake Charles)

#3 Red Tail's Boil House (Moss Bluff)

#4 Jett's Crawfish Drive-Thru (Rayne)

#5 Beauxdines' (Lake Charles)

Eliminated From The Top 10:

#6 - Boulet's Boil-N-Go (Sulphur)

#7 - Crawfish To Go (New Llano/Lessville)

#8 - Fire & Spice (Moss Bluff)

#9 - Peaux Peaux's Crawfish (Rosepine)

#10 - S&S Crawfish (Lake Charles)


Eliminated From The Top 15:

#11 - Circle A (Vinton)

#12 - The Crawfish Shop (Lake Charles)

#13 - Meche's Crawfish (Rayne)

#14 - Mac's Crawfish (Lake Charles)

#15 - Gilbert's Crawfish Tub (Crowley)

Eliminated From The Top 20:

#16 - T-Boy's Cajun Grill (Grand Lake)

#17 - Mud Bug's Crawfish (Leesville)

#18 - Richard's Boudin & Seafood (Sulphur)

#19 - Mr. Bill's Seafood Express (Lake Charles)

#20 - Koonce's Krawfish (Sulphur)

Congratulations to these local businesses for making the Top 20 Best-Tasting Crawfish In SWLA voted on by our listeners. It's a huge accomplishment and keep up the hard work serving SWLA delicious crawfish.

TSM Staff
TSM Staff

Now it's time to crown the #1 Best-Tasting Crawfish in SWLA voted on you our listeners:

#1 T-Jim's Seafood & Boil-N-Go (Sulphur) (Facebook)

Google Maps
Google Maps

A huge congrats goes to T-Jim's for their hard work and amazing tasting crawfish. You guys have a motivated fan base and win the best prize of all...bragging rights.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, you guys rock.

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