In a recent episode of "The Jennifer Hudson Show," viewers across the nation and especially in Lafayette, Louisiana, experienced a touching moment. Alethea Crimmins, a 44-year-old pre-K teacher and viral motivational speaker from Lafayette, graced the stage, leaving both the audience and the host moved.

Crimmins's journey is not the regular rags-to-riches tale. It's an account of resilience. For years, she faced bullying due to her stutter and size. This adversity did not crush her spirit; instead, it fueled her resolve. She channeled her "pain into purpose and my struggles into success," she revealed on the show.

Her motivational speeches, which began circulating on TikTok in early 2023, have amassed millions of views. Alethea has become a beacon of hope for many struggling with self-worth. "When I talk to the camera, I’m talkin’ to me,” she emphasized on the importance of self-care through positive affirmations.

During the episode, she gave members of the live studio audience individualized motivational speeches.

But it was her heartwarming message to Jennifer Hudson that became the show's highlight. "Look how many people told you no, but then you created your own yes,” she remarked, bringing the accomplished singer and actress to tears.

As word of her appearance spread, eager fans can catch Alethea’s touching episode across Louisiana on Monday, October 9th, with streaming available on YouTube shortly after.

Reflecting on the experience, Crimmins described it as surreal. Her subsequent Facebook post serves as a testament to her resilience and self-belief, urging everyone to remain true to themselves despite the challenges.

As she poignantly put it, "Keep shining, Be great in their face, and Have a good day on purpose. YA’ WELCOME!!"

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