Lil Gotit is facing some backlash after sharing video of himself on Instagram praying at Lil Keed's grave.

Lil Gotit is still in mourning mode nearly a year after his brother Lil Keed passed away last May. On Monday (March 6), Lil Gotit posted video on his Instagram Story of himself in front of Keed's grave appearing to pray to Keed.

"I just come to pray to you that your album go No. 1," Gotit said in the video. "I pray that you still watch over me and mama, pops, White Boy and the family. Make sure everybody straight, have long life and good health. Make sure no enemies, police try to harm us or nothing. Or wish down bad on us. I pray you keep showing the real from the fake. Keep just showing who is pure around us. Keep the road wide open so I come through that muthaf**ka and show everybody how you really is, how we really is. You know I love and miss you, twin."

Gotit captioned the post, "Luv u Keed I miss u so much I got u."

Lil Gotit sharing his mourning moment for all to see has him facing backlash on social media.

"Why do you have to record and post this tho? Ni***s love attention," one person commented on Instagram.

Lil Gotit

"Welcome to 2023 nigga’s praying to socials instead of God these days," another person posted.

Lil GotIt comments.

"It ain’t genuine why he recorded it which is corny," someone else wrote.

Lil Gotit comments.

"Something you should be doing in private. Everything is for views and likes now," another comment reads.

Lil Gotit comments.

Lil Keed died suddenly on May 13, 2022 in Los Angeles. He was laid to rest in Atlanta. That September, Goit revealed someone had been trying to break into Keed's grave. Last December, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner/Coroner's Office announced Keed's  official cause of death as natural causes due to eosinophilia.

In January, Lil Gotit warned people not to post on social media about Lil Keed after Gunna returned to Twitter with a Keed tribute post.

See Video of Lil Gotit Praying at Lil Keed's Grave Below

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