Lil Gotit has had enough. The Atlanta rapper has warned people once again to stop disturbing Lil Keed's grave. Now he's going to take action.

Lil GotIt Warns People Again to Stop Disturbing Lil Keed's Grave

On Thursday (Nov. 30), Lil Gotit jumped on his Instagram Story and posted a video warning fans once again to stop desecrating Lil Keed's grave. In the black-and-white clip, which can be seen below, the ATL rhymer is wondering why people are going to the late rapper's grave and throwing his flowers away, among other things.

"Whoever, goddamn, keep going over to my brother's grave doing stupid s**t, y'all done throw his flowers away," a frustrated Gotit explained in his video. "Everybody got flowers over there, why the hell y'all go over to my brother's grave over there and throw his flowers away? That's weird. That s**t weird bruh."

He added: "I hope ya stupid ass die, 'cause you playing with the dead, bruh."

"How the hell y'all just keep going over there messin' with the dead, bruh?" asked Gotit. "I hope Keed get on your stupid a*s for real."

Ultimatly, Lil Gotit is fed up. He asked if there was anyone out there who could install spy cameras so he could catch the culprit or culprits who are constantly disrespecting Keed's gravesite. He warned that when he does catch the bandit, the person is going to feel his wrath.

"I can't wait to catch a n***a's a*s. His a*s toast if I catch his a*s," said GotIt. "N***a or a b***h, ya a*s toasted. On my mama."

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Lil Gotit Claims Someone Has Been Trying to Break Into Lil Keed's Grave

This isn't the first time Lil Gotit has admonished his fans for disturbing Lil Keed's grave.

In September of 2022, Gotit hopped on his IG Story to issue a stern warning to someone he claims has been attempting to break into the grave of his late brother.

"Whoever going to keed grave tryna unscrew him out the wall and stuff when I catch u it ain't gone be nan nice so I hope u see this message !!!!" Gotit wrote.

This time around, Lil Gotit has given his final warning about disrespecting his late's brother's burial place.

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See Lil Gotit warn people to stop messing with Lil Keed's gravesite below.

Watch Lil GotIt Once Again Warn People to Stop Disturbing Lil Keed's Grave

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