Once again, Sean Ardoin & Kreole Rock and Soul have been nominated for a 2023 Grammy Award. This will be the Zydeco star's 4th nomination, where Ardoin was previously nominated for two Grammy's in 2019 for the album 'Kreole Rock and Soul' and the song “Kick Rocks.” He also received a 2022 Grammy nod in the Best Regional Root Music Album category for 'Live In New Orleans!'


Talk about coming full circle! Sean Ardoin is an LSU graduate and former Tiger Band drummer. Now he's up for his fourth career Grammy Award nomination, only this time he may get to share it with his alma mater, LSU Golden Band from Tigerland. The award category is for Best Regional Roots Music Album, and the nomination is for the album,'Sean Ardoin & Kreole Rock and Soul featuring LSU Golden Band from Tigerland - Full Circle.' The Golden Band from Tigerland released a statement in response to the nomination,

“This nomination is an incredible honor, and we are both excited and humbled to be considered,” the Golden Band from Tigerland added. “Stay tuned for the 65th Annual Grammy Awards in February 2023 to see if “Full Circle” goes all the way!”


We got our fingers and our feet crossed, hoping the Zydeco superstar and LSU can pull off a win at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards next February. Meanwhile, the Grammy voting process is now in its final round and going through Jan 4.

As previously reported, the 'Sean Ardoin & Kreole Rock and Soul featuring LSU Golden Band from Tigerland - Full Circle' album is historic on many levels. Here are the 4 main reasons:

1.) This is the first time a Zydeco artist collaborated with LSU Tiger Band.

2.) It's the first time a marching band got nominated for a Grammy.

3.) The 12-track LP was recorded in one weekend and features LSU Tiger Band on every track.

4.) Sean Ardoin and LSU Tiger Band recreated the iconic LSU Chant Song. The original chant song was called "LSU" and was recorded by Ardoin in 2011, featuring Lafayette, LA rapper Blue Da Kid and a clip from LSU Tiger Band.

The new version offers a full-scale collaboration between Ardoin, Tiger Band, and the iconic Louisiana singer/entertainer Cupid! The result? Pure Magic!

Congratulations to Sean Ardoin and Kreole Rock & Soul, and LSU Band from Tigerland on their 2023 Grammy nomination!

The digital 'Full Circle' album features 12 tracks and is available on all digital platforms. The 'Commemorative Purple and Gold - Full Circle' LP is a double Deluxe Edition that not only comes on vinyl but includes 4 Tiger Band instrumentals. Pre-order this limited edition Louisiana treasure HERE. By the way, 15% of the proceeds from the double vinyl version will go to the LSU Tiger Band.

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