Lil Yachty and social media personality Dr. Umar have a discussion about Brazilian butt lifts on the rapper's podcast. They both walk away from the discussion agreeing to disagree about the reason Black women are having cosmetic surgery done on their backsides.

Lil Yachty and Dr. Umar Talk BBLs

On Wednesday (Feb. 28), Lil Yachty had Dr. Umar as a guest on his A Safe Place Podcast. During the nearly two-hour discussion, which can be viewed below, the topic of Black women getting BBLs comes up and Dr. Umar has pointed thoughts on the matter. He blames the rise in augmented cakes on Black men, specifically rappers who objectify women.

"I'm not holding you accountable for what everybody does," Umar tells Boat around the 1:14:00 mark of the interview below, "but, there's few mediums of media that have sexually objectified the Black woman more than hip-hop. So, If I'm a little Black girl and every music video I turn on she's half-dressed with big breasts and a big a*s and I want a Black man to want me and like me and I probably ain't got no daddy ’cause the White man locked him up or the police killed him off. What am I gonna do to be attractive?"

He continues: "I'm gonna go and get a BBL. What I'm saying is Black men, not just hip-hop, I wanna clarify, Black men period. Professional Black men, athletes, everyday brothers. All of us. I don't wanna make the hip-hop community more responsible, but y'all definitely leading the pack in terms of the sexual objectification of the Black woman."

Lil Yachty wasn't in agreement with Umar.

"I think a lot of women make decisions," the Quality Control rapper retorted. "A: for themselves. And B: to impress their friends just as much as a man. I think a lot of women do things to like keep up with their friends...I didn't say more, but I do think...I think for themselves. They ain't gotta be attractive. I think it's for self-esteem."

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Lil Yachty Announces New Album

The new episode of Yatchy's podcast with Dr. Umar comes two weeks after Boat announced on Instagram that he is dropping a new album with James Blake.

"I mean, granted, I think James has worked with a quite substantial amount of hip-hop  artists. But this project is so left for both of us," the Quality Control rapper said in the clip. "And then, aside from the one picture that James posted, which—he doesn’t have many followers actually—I don’t think people know that we know each other exist. So it’s just gon’ be like, 'What the f**k? When they do this?'"

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See Lil Yachty and Dr. Umar discussing BBLs below.

Watch Dr. Umar on A Safe Place Podcast 

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