Sexyy Red's upcoming lip gloss line has quite possibly the raunchiest flavors ever.

Sexyy Red to Launch Lip Gloss Line Full of Raunchy Flavors

On Sept. 7, Interview Magazine published an interview with one of the hottest up-and-comers in hip-hop, Sexyy Red. In the stream-of-consciousness-style conversation, the St. Louis spitter offered quotes on various aspects of her life and doubled down on the fact that she's gearing up to drop a new line of lip gloss complete with a number of sexually explicit flavors that definitely stay true to her not-so-bashful personality.

"I got a lip gloss line dropping soon, y’all better shop with your girl," Sexyy Red tells Interview Magazine without offering any further details about the new brand's timeline. "I got all different flavors: C***hie Juice, Bootyhole Brown, C***hie Pink, Sex on My Period, Gonorrhea, Yellow Discharge and Nut."

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Sexyy Red's Lip Gloss Flavors Match Her Equally Raunchy Lyrics

While imagining how lip gloss flavors like Bootyhole Brown and Gonorrhea actually taste might not be for everyone, those who know anything about Sexyy Red are likely not surprised by the direction of her forthcoming brand. In fact, the flavors seem to draw inspiration from the equally raunchy lyrics on Sexyy Red's viral NSFW track "Pound Town."

"I'm out of town, thuggin' with my rounds/My c***hie pink, my bootyhole brown," Sexyy Red raps.

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Sexyy Red Lands First-Ever No. 1 Spot on New TikTok Billboard Top 50 Chart

As Sexyy Red looks to take the cosmetic world by storm in the very near future, she's currently one of the most dominating forces in hip-hop across the social media space. Just last week, Sexyy's single "SkeeYee" landed the No. 1 spot on the first-ever TikTok Billboard Top 50 Chart, which highlights the platform's most viral tracks.

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