It looks like Shaquille O'Neal has a love jones for GloRilla. The NBA Hall-of-Famer recently sent a marriage proposal to Big Glo during Druski's Instagram Live.

On Saturday (Dec. 24), Druski went on Instagram Live for a special Christmas Eve Coulda Been Records livestream. For those unfamiliar, Coulda Been Records is Druski's fictitious record label. During his IG Live, fans auditioned for Dru to see if they could get signed to his label. The fun part comes when actual big-name rappers and celebrities come on and Druski, as the CEO, tries to sign them.

On this night, Druski invited CMG Records superstar GloRilla to his Instagram Live. The comedian tried to get the Memphis rhymer to spit a freestyle, but she declined. "I don't rap for free," she said. Druski tried to offer her $100,000, but she wasn't impressed. "That's all you got?"

During their chat, unbeknownst to them, Shaq was in the comment section trying to holler at GloRilla.

"Yo man im leaving hey glo will u marry me," he typed.

Shaquille O'Neil on Druski Instagram Live

Glo didn't see his comment, so Shaq tried again.

"Glo will u marry me," he wrote.

Shaquille O'Neal shoots his shot at GloRilla during Druski's Instagram Live.

It's unclear if GloRilla read Shaq's marriage proposal or not.

Meanwhile, after Druski promised to give GloRilla $500,000 to freestyle, she teased that she would spit a couple of bars about a Christmas tree. But the "Tomorrow 2" rapper suddenly left his IG Live without saying goodbye, much to Druski's chagrin.

Other celebs who made an appearance on Druski's IG live were rap star Ice Spice, YouTube personality Charleston White and comedians Kevin Hart and Pretty Vee.

Watch Druski's Hilarious "Coulda Been Records" Full Instagram Live Below

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