Sukihana admitted in an interview this week that YK Osiris forcing a kiss on her was uncomfortable, but she didn't want to embarrass him or herself.

Sukihana Admits That YK Osiris' Forced Kiss Made Her Uncomfortable

On Thursday (July 13), The Shade Room posted a snippet of Sukihana's interview on The Armon Wiggins Show via Instagram. In the video below, Armon Wiggins, the show's creator and host, asked Sukihana about the viral video of YK Osiris attempting to kiss her lips at a The Crew League basketball game she was hosting on June 14.

In response, the "Eater" rapper revealed that, despite attempting to remain unproblematic in what she calls a "male-dominated industry," the unwarranted smooch made her feel uneasy. However, Sukihana didn't want to embarrass herself or the "Dear Fans" artist.

"He tried to kiss me, you know, it was a little bit uncomfortable," Sukihana said in the video.

Shortly after, the "Y U Mad" artist detailed the incident before expressing her initial reaction. Even though there was an opportunity to pop off on the "Ride" singer, Sukihana remained calm.

"I didn't want to embarrass myself or him or anybody at the table while we were filming," Sukihana explained.

The whole interview premieres on The Armon Wiggins Show YouTube channel on Friday (July 14).

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What Happened Between YK Osiris and Sukihana?

On June 14, videos of YK Osiris forcing Sukihana to kiss him at a The Crew League basketball game made headlines. The video, which can be seen below, shows Sukihana and YK Osiris conversing before YK Osiris randomly massages Suki's shoulders. The R&B singer then grabs Sukihana's face and kisses her on the mouth. Sukihana tries to avoid YK Osiris' lips, but he grabs her face again and tries to plant another one before walking away laughing.

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See Sukihana Admit That YK Osiris Forcing a Kiss on Her Was Uncomfortable, But She Didn't Want to Embarrass Him or Herself Below

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