YK Osiris is facing backlash for a video that shows him trying to kiss Sukihana when she was clearly not with it.

YK Osiris Tries to Kiss Sukihana and She Tries to Evade His Lips

Revolt recently kicked off the fifth season of its celebrity basketball tournament, The Crew League. This year's hosts include Lil Duval, Justina Valentine, Funny Marco, Lathan The Kid Umpire, Buster, Fly Guy DC and Sukihana. One video from a game over the weekend shows YK Osiris awkwardly trying to kiss Suki.

In the clip (below), the "Worth It" rapper starts off by standing behind Sukihana while she's trying to commentate the game and massaging her shoulders. Sukihana reacts with a very surprised look. Next, YK Osiris bends down and inexplicably tries to kiss Sukihana in the mouth. She turns away and yells out "Oh my God." But that doesn't deter YK Osiris from grabbing her face and trying again. YK Osiris appears to believe its all fun and games and walks away and laughs until his face is red before the clip ends.

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Reaction to Viral Video of YK Osiris Kissing Sukihana

People on Twitter have been sounding off about YK Osiris' actions in the cringy video.

"No this was hella weird," one person tweeted.

"That’s so weird and people laughing instead of saying something," another Twitter post on the topic reads.

"IN THIS BIG 2023. You’re also that brazen on camera. Now, imagine what he’s done behind closed doors," someone else posted.

Another Twitter user implied the incident was worth of a police investigation.

"Charges…pressed. Get tf out of my face," they wrote.

XXL has reached out to YK Osiris' team for comment.

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