Pretty much throughout Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s 16 year marriage there have always been rumors that the famous couple were swingers.  Following Jada's recent interview with Huffpost Live, those rumors have resurfaced.

Jada and Will Smith-youtube

In the interview, Jada revealed that she and Will have a flexible committed relationship which operates on a shared mentality on infidelity.  Jada said, “‘You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay.’”

What actually gave life to the rumors origianlly was when Will did an interview with the UK Newspaper Now back in 2008.  Big Willie told the paper that he and Jada discuss things with one another before having sex outside of their marriage: Will said, “If it came down to it, then one would say to the other: “Look, I need to have sex with somebody.  Now I’m not going to do it if you don’t approve of it”

Things that make you say hummmmm.  Find out what else Jada had to say about her marriage to Will and get the scoop on what she posted to her fans on Facebook below with Tha Wire.


Meanwhile, last week Drake promised to drop some new music and recently made good on his promise by releasing  two new tracks in the past 24 hours.   Yesterday (March 15) the DJ Khaled led “No New Friends” featuring Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Future debuted, and early this morning Drizzy kept the new music coming with “Girls Love Beyoncé” feat the hook from Destiny’s Child “Say Me Name” sung by singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy.  Here's a listen.  Tell us what you think.

Learn more about Drizzy's new music and what's up with the D-Child hook.  Listen to Tha Wire below for more details.

First it was Ptibull to show his support and now it’s Common getting in on the controversy on Jay-Z and Beyonce's recent trip to Cuba.  The rap superstar's not only have Jay's back, but they added their thoughts on the situation on remix version of his "Open Letter".  What do you think?  Be advised lyrics may be explicit.

Y'all gonna learn today, on the the new remix of the track, Common gives us a history lesson on some of the political prisoners living in the U.S. and in Cuba. Reflecting on his own trip to Cuba in 1997 to meet Assata Shakur.  Learn more about Common's experience and find out what other song that meeting inspired him to record.

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