Mrs. Jackson is clapping back on reports that she's got throat cancer.  Yesterday Wednesday (January 6) Janet Jackson put an immediate stop to rumors, that the tumor on her vocal cords was cancer.  With pleasure I report to you, Janet is good!  HipHollywood revealed the singer took to her Twitter page to silence the chatter with a simple post that read,

"From my lips..."

She then uploaded video of the lyrics to her single "The Great Forever."  The single can be found on the singers Unbreakable LP and sends a message loud and clear, if she didn't say it, don't believe the hype.  Take a listen to the track below and read the lyrics as well.

I can't think of a better way to shut the rumors down than that.  So I'm gonna leave the story right where it is.  Get better Janet! Can't wait to see you in Lafayette!


Attention student drivers everywhere, never ever take Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Conan O'Brien on the road and think your gonna learn least something good. Cause ya not!  Your gonna have a damn good time though.

This young lady has a cool job, cause she works for Conan and he knows some pretty fly stars.  So,has actually gotta be the luckiest student driver in the world!  These fouls gave the poor girl all the wrong advice, got stopped by the Po-Po, did everything from smoke weed, to throw pennies at other cars! Crazy...peep the video below.

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