While he's an African American singer, Jason Derulo is more popular when it comes to the mainstream side of the music charts. He's had plenty of big hits since back in the early 2,000's and is still as relevant today as he was before. He stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his latest business ventures and also his thoughts on the song "Swalla" where Nicki Minaj initially took shots at Remy Ma.

While there Jason also talked about his early years of college and how he initially got into recording music from beginning as a writer before releasing an album.


Jason Derulo Talks To The Breakfast Club:

Obviously with the title you should already know what to expect when it comes from Nicki Minaj, plus some of Jason's previous works were just as raunchy as this one. Check out the video below featuring Ty Dolla $ign as well.


Jason Derulo feat Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign- "Swalla":


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