If you are a fan of the last two seasons of "The Game" you became familiar with Jay Ellis who played the character of Blue on the show. When the show ended there were speculations about where he was and if he would show up again somewhere else.

Late last year there was a new show that showed up on television called "Insecure" and it did very well. He played the character Lawrence and a lot of the guys were riding with him because he actually cheated on his live in girlfriend and the females were highly upset at him. Some would defend him because his girlfriend stepped out on him. While the females are saying he wasn't working and hadn't worked in 4 years, so he deserved it.

He stopped by The Breakfast Club and talked about Insecure and he thoughts on cheating, and whether or not he would forgive his girlfriend in real life if he had been cheated on.


Jay Ellis Talks cheating, Insecure and more with The Breakfast Club:

Great interview and something that you should be aware of. Be on the lookout for the upcoming season of Insecure that will be returning. It's gonna be interesting to see if Laurence and Issa Dee will get reunited.

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