Not everything is love between JAY-Z and Kanye West. On his latest project Everything Is Love –– a collaborative album he released with Beyoncé exclusively on Tidal –– it appears that JAY opens up about his estranged relationship with Yeezy.

On a couple of tracks, the veteran rhymer seems to be addressing his discord with West. On the braggadocious banger “Boss,” the Carters boast about their lavish lifestyle but more importantly, why they are the CEOs of their own lives. Simply put, the are bosses.

In one verse, JAY appears to be telling West that he’s not a boss because he works for other bosses (i.e., Adidas, Def Jam). JAY might also be responding to West leaving Tidal over money disputes.

"Hundred million crib, three million watch, all facts / No cap, false, n----, you not a boss, you got a boss / N----s getting jerked, that s--- hurts, I take it personally / N----s rather work for the man than to work with me / Just so they can pretend they on my level, that s--- is irkin' to me," he raps.

"Survey says you not even close (not even close) / Everybody's bosses, to the time that pay for the office / To them invoices, separate the men from the boys, over here," he adds, "We measure success by how many people successful next to you / Here we say you broke if everybody gets broke except for you, Boss!"

On the sixth track, “Friends,” JAY explains why he was absent at Kanye and Kim's 2014 wedding. In an interview with Charlamagne tha God, West expressed his disappointment at JAY being a no-show at his nuptials. “Respectfully, I have to say I was hurt that they didn’t come to the wedding," he said. “I understand they were going through some things, but if it’s family, you’re not gonna miss a wedding.”

According to JAY on "Friends," he was going through a rough patch in his own marriage and wasn't going leave Beyoncé to attend a wedding -- no matter what.

"I ain't going to nobody nothing when me and my wife beefing / I don't care if the house on fire, I'm dying, n----, I ain't leaving / Ty-Ty take care of my kids, after he done grieving / If y'all don't understand that, we ain't meant to be friends," he rhymes.

So it looks like JAY and Queen Bey are sitting proudly on their kingly throne. And, arguably, Hova and Beysus's new joint album Everything Is Love is one of the most opulent albums to come out this summer.

You can stream Everything Is Love exclusively on Tidal.

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