It's been a long time coming, but Jeremih and Shlohmo's joint project is finally here. The Chicago crooner and electronic producer come together for a six-track EP called 'No More,' which, contrary to the title, will absolutely leave you lusting for more.

Shlohmo's creamy beats and Jeremih's player-smooth vocals compliment each other perfectly on songs like 'F--- You All the Time' and 'Bo Peep (Do U Right)' (which are totally not sexually-suggestive titles), furthering proving why these two are one of the best -- and most unlikely -- pairings in Alt-R&B.

Chance the Rapper even makes a surprise appearance on 'The End,' dropping a brief set of bars to juice the darker, trap-heavy track. Although we've already heard three of the six tracks on the EP before today, we couldn't think of a better soundtrack heading into this mid-July weekend.

Listen to 'No More' below, and download the project on

Listen to Jeremih & Shlohmo's 'No More' EP

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