Jeremiah put on a great performance at The Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago over the weekend. But during his "Oui" set, the singer jumped from the main stage to what looked like a stable line up of speakers covered by a sheet. What Jeremih didn't realize (until it was too late) was the speakers were spaced out. After one step he feel through a gap and one of the speakers fell too.

But the Chicago singer showed his true professionalism and superstardom after the fall by barely missing a beat. He immediately continued on with the performance and the crowd embraced every second of it.

Later on in the show, the crowd went into an uproar when Jeremih brought out home towner Chance The Rapper to perform his song "Somewhere in Paradise," on which Jeremih is featured. Together, the two played to the crowd, and Jeremih's momentary slip up took a backseat to his energetic performance.

If you've been following Jeremih this past year, you know his feature game is on another level. He's been featured on songs with PartyNextDoor and Lil Wayne, The Game, Nick Cannon, and several others. Jeremih revealed to Real 92.3 on June 15 that he has an album on the way with PARTYNEXTDOOR, called Late Night Party. After performing at the festival, the 29 year-old announced a forthcoming mixtape, Late Nights Europe. 

“Y’all finna get that real soon and right after that y’all gon’ get the trilogy to Late Nights called Later That Night,” he shared. “So I can’t wait for you to hear that.”

View a clip of Chance's appearance on the main stage of Pitchfork Festival below.


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