Rory and Mal discuss why Dj Akademics and Joe Budden’s “Everyday Struggle" interview with The Migos went wrong at the BET Awards on Sunday, June 25 in Los Angeles.

If you missed the failed interview, though nothing popped off, things did get heated for a moment with rapper Off Set visibly calmly rolling up his shirt sleeves in case things got physical. By that time, security stepped in and everything was diffused.

Joe Budden claims he didn’t want to conduct the interview to begin with because he felt they weren’t good in any interview he’s ever seen, as Rory and Mal also agreed. Considering they are more experienced in media than Joe, Rory and Mal did explain to him that sometimes you have to suck it up and get the job done. It’s part of you duty working in media, but of course Joe Budden insisted he didn’t give a ****.

If you missed the heated exchange at the BET Awards red carpet, check out the clip below. Of course most of this started because of issues between The Migos label mate Lil Yatchy and his visit to “Everyday Struggle” where his music was highly criticized.

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