LSU's post-national championship win celebration was almost cut short by police.

Epic photos of Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers smoking celebratory cigars hit the web and almost instantly hired law enforcement intervened. Of course, laws prohibit smoking inside of buildings (including massive stadiums like the Mercedes-Benz Superdome) but the Tigers were on top of the world after finishing their perfect 15-0 season with a national championship win over Clemson, the defending champs.

The photos of Joe Burrow puffing on his cigar are almost poetic.

I'm not sure if some high-ranking person of power intervened, but The Advocate reports that "the party continued, with a haze of smoke spilling out of the LSU locker room before reporters were allowed in for interviews."

Burrow was seen strolling around the press conference smoking on his cigar and even got a hilarious warning from Coach O to "take it easy on that CEE-gar baw."

Congrats to the Tigers and I hope they enjoy the moment. As one of, if not THE greatest college football team of all time, they more than deserve it.

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