Do you remember in school when your mathematics teacher first exposed you to the world of Venn Diagrams? You probably know those overlapping circles or shapes that are used to illustrate relationships between two or more different things, right?

Teach for Life via YouTUbe
Teach for Life via YouTUbe

Well, imagine, if you will, a Venn Diagram that combines the current military conflict in the Baltic region between Russia and Ukraine and the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL. Even for those of us with a very active imagination that's pretty hard to do. Thinking of Aaron Rodgers as a used car salesman is not a problem.

But the whole Bengals and the Baltic just doesn't seem to resonate. Until you look at this picture that Twitter user @krus_chiki posted. The picture was supposed to demonstrate to the world and to anyone who saw it that these brave men in Ukraine were ready, willing, and able to stand and fight for their country.

Social media saw something totally different, tell me what you see?

That guy in the middle certainly looks as if he could kick Alabama's ass the first weekend in November. He also looks like the same guy that damn near won a Super Bowl too. Holy Crap, is that Joe Burrow?

As you might imagine, Ukrainian Joe Burrow was born with that tweet. And, just like the LSU Tiger legend and soon to be Cincinnati Bengals legend, the Internet was already believing in Joe.

And then there was this one, that pays homage to Burrow's unique ability to almost always find a way to win.

But maybe the most inspiring Tweet came from @realVincentTon who simply said this.


Obviously, this is not Joe Burrow or at least the Joe Burrow that so many football fans in the United States have come to admire and respect. This is just an average Ukrainian man who believes in his country so much that he is willing to take up arms against those who would threaten his homeland.

We certainly don't mean to "make light" of the events in Ukraine. What's happening in that part of the world is an affront to all things decent. Innocent lives are being taken and countless thousands have been wounded or have been forced to flee for their personal safety.

No, that's not football. Football is a game, that we pretend is life and death. What is happening in Ukraine is really life and death. Although, if a doppelganger of a fine American sports hero can help bring more attention to a country in crisis then so be it.

Joe Burrow
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

But I must admit, if I was going into a fight, I wouldn't mind having a "Joe Burrow" on my team. He certainly looks like he has no "quit" in his game or no "empty" in his tank. Let's hope the same can be said for the people of Ukraine. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your sovereign nation as you work to repel this unprovoked invasion.

I am starting the search today for Ukrainian Coach O. I am pretty sure I will recognize him by his looks and still won't be able to understand him when he talks. Pray for peace, y'all. And once we get Ukraine figured out, maybe we can sort some of these strange laws out while we are at it.

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