Today in Tha Wire imagine being the sister of Michael Jackson, but nobody knew it. Imagine being hidden away your entire life, and kept a secret, because your a product of adultery. The Daily Mail reports Joh’Vonnie Jackson is ready to talk about what life was like being Bastard Child, of Joe Jackson. That's the name of her book, and the title pretty says it all.

With the support of her daughter, Yasmine, the 43-year old "secret Jackson"has finally built up the courage to tell her story. It's a bitter-sweet account of the love shared between her parents, and the lifelong pain of being denied by her family.

Released on Valentine's Day, Bastard Child reveals Joe Jackson had an affair with Joh'Vonnie's mother, Cheryle Terrell, for 25 long years. Their romance produced one child out of wedlock, and she was it. Joh'Vonnie claims to have spent the rest of her life living in the shadows of her famous siblings. She described her upbringing as being chaotic, and painful living as a constant reminder of Joe's infidelity. Joh'Vonnie Jackson was born in 1974, one day after Michael celebrated his 16th birthday. She would spend decades feeling underappreciated and uncelebrated.

She remembers wanting to be loved and accepted by her famous siblings telling the Daily Mail,

“I was very aware that I was in the Jackson family growing up, I saw them on TV, I listened to their music. But I was hidden away, kept secret for years, not able to become part of that family. It was hurtful.”

Though the world is just finding out about the affair, Joh'Vonnie alleges in her tell-all that the Jacksons knew about her. She claimed they refused to acknowledge her publicly, in order to protect their family image. She wrote:

“I have met every single last one of them, but for some reason there has always been something stopping them from accepting me, from being close to me.” She went on to write, “Of course when I was around them there was a show of love,” she clarified, “but once I was gone there was no phone calls asking how I’m doing or how is my daughter doing, it’s upsetting, real hurtful and I still feel rejected.”

She went on to explain the only members of the iconic family, who'd really talk to her, were Katherine and Rebbie Jackson. Joh'Vonnie lost her mother in 2014, in spite of being Joe's love child, Katherine was the first to call and give her condolences,

“Even when my mother died in 2014 the first person who called me was their mother Katherine, the only sibling to call was Rebbie, she’s the only one who really cares."

She says when she told Jermaine her mother died, he allegedly said he meant to call, but she didn't buy it. Joh'Vonnie said,“It let me know my position in the family. As far as I’m concerned they can all kiss my ass.” More than anything she wanted Michael's acceptance. Joh’Vonnie recalled the first time she met him,

“It was a big moment for me, but Michael was looking at me and seemed cold and standoffish.” Devastated she wrote, “He never acknowledged that I was his sister, there was no hug or kiss, not even a handshake, no physical contact at all,” she continued, “I wanted to embrace him, I thought that he would wanna go some place quiet and sit and talk with me and ask me about my life and get to know me a little better. It was very hurtful, he wasn’t interested at all.”

It's a trip! Cop the tell-all book, Bastard Child, by Joh'Vonnie Jackson available now on Amazon. So far none of the Jackson's, including Joe, have issued a statement on Joh'Vonnie and her book. This is a sore subject I'm sure.


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