Today in Tha Wire a big congrats to actor/comedian/writer/director, Jordan Peele!  Prior to his movie, Jordan was best known as the other half of the hilarious comedy duo, Key & Peele.  Jordan and his partna in comedy, Keegan-Michael Key, have been making audiences laugh for years with their award winning Comedy Central series.  These days the funny twosome are doing separate projects with Key co-starring on the USA Network sitcom, Playing House, which just got the green light for a season 3.

While Peele scares the hell out of folks with his first film, Get Out.  Have you seen this yet!?!?  I don't know if it's because I haven't seen a good thriller in a while or what, but that movie blew my mind!(I'm still trying to get that running scene outta my mind)  It was crazy!!!  On top of that it had you on the edge of your seat, from start to finish.  Then dropped a bomb on you at the end!  Peep the trailer below.

Go see it, while it's still in theaters.  Fresh out the gate with his very first film, the funny man "nailed it" and picked up a few industry accolades as well.   The highly regarded film review site, Rotten Tomatoes, gave Get Out a 99% rating based on movie critics who gave it a positive review.  Peele's new horror flick cost around $4.5 million to make and so far it's grossed more than $117 million at the box office.

Finally HipHollywood reports Peele made history, becoming the first African-American movie director to reach the magic triple digit number!  For that matter he no only directed Get Out, but he wrote and produced the movie as well.

YOU GO BOY!!!!!! I am so happy for you.  Catch the scoop daily with Tha Wire on The People's Station 107 Jamz.


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