While many of the fans of Key and Peele know Jordan Peele from being a part of Mad TV back in the day and also teaming up with his partner in skits Keegan Michael- Key to bring the funny weekly on Comedy Central. It was a shock when we heard he was preparing to direct a horror movie of sorts with "Get Out". Peele did not disappoint and brought home an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

I think it's safe to say when the word came out that he was releasing another movie in 2019 that was also going to be a horror movie, the fans were waiting. The trailer dropped on yesterday morning. So while the kids were excited about their new goodies from Santa. The adults were more then intrigued with the trailer and even more about the music used in the trailer. They took The Luniz "I Got 5 On It" and flipped it every way you can imagine. It basically came out as scary sounding as the menacing music for Halloween. If you missed out on the trailer, here it is below for your pleasure. Please leave the lights on while watching.


For those who were born after 1996 and may not remember the original song and the group behind it. Check out the video below featuring the duo Yukmouth and Knumbskull.

While the movie won't be released until March of 2019, Jordan has solidified his place in peoples minds for the next 3 months until its released. Also if you never saw the duo of Key and Peele, you missed out on a treat from the fellas.



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