Westlake native Joshua Ledet had Southwest Louisiana on high alert when he made it to the final rounds and made it to Top 3 of American Idol in 2012. I remember when he came back to Lake Charles and had a line of support and more at his home show at the Burton Coliseum.

There have been many wondering where the young soulful talent is today. We haven't seen him here in a few years, but I hear that he visits his family and friends periodically when he comes home.

Well I came across something that shows he still has the Idol approach as he plays word association and watch what he does with the word change.



According to Wikipedia Joshua is signed to Sono Recording Group which is currently the home of Brian Mcknight, Take 6 and many other greats in the music industry. Be on  the lookout for more great things to come from this young talent and we'll keep you in the look on things he may be working on for the future.

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