Tonight was super important for all of the Idol's, especially Joshua.  Last week, for some insane reason, he was in the bottom three...a place no Idol wants to be.  Joshua is super talented and proves it every time he performs.

Tonight, he gave another flawless performance of two soul classics, one current and the other old.  Unlike some of the contestants, he has shown that he is versatile.  He gets out of his comfort zone and performs every song, every week like they were written just for him.  That is what makes him great.  He can sing anything...literally!

Jessica Sanchez was voted off last week, but the judges used their only "save" to keep her on the show.  Now all bets are off, no one is safe anymore. The gloves are off and it's on!  Tomorrow, TWO people will be given the boot.  This is crucial people, WE'VE GOT TO VOTE LIKE NEVER BEFORE TONIGHT.  We got to make sure that Joshua is safe!

Tonight the top seven will be singing two songs apiece, one a Billboard chart hit from 2000 until now and the other a "soul selection" from a previous decade.  On top of that, the show opened with the sad news that the legendary Dick Clark had passed away this morning, he was 82.



We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Dick Clark.  He will truly be missed.  New Years Eve will never be the same.

On a brighter note, here's a re-cap of Joshua's wonderful performances!  His first song was the winning song for Fantasia, "I Believe".  Man-tasia, did his thang ya'll!


Here, Joshua performed his soul stirring rendition of the Sam Cook civil rights classic "A Change Is Gonna Come".  He killed it!!!


So, let's do this!!  Let's shake the haters off!!  To vote, if you have AT&T you can text "Vote" to 5707, vote online at and of course by phone by calling 1-866-436-5707.