Joshua has "IT"!  There's no two ways about it.  He has the "IT" factor going on!  He is going straight to the top.  Like the song says, ain't no stoppin' him now....he's on the move!

Like his big brother Jason said this morning, he is exactly were he's supposed to be.  The moment he saw Joshua perform at a school play, he knew Joshua was going to be big.  And he is ladies and gentlemen; he's getting bigger and bigger every week.  Please place your votes.  Vote until you can't vote anymore!

In case you missed the show, this week’s theme was Billy Joel.  Jimmy Iovine once again was the musical guide, and brought in Diddy to coach the contestants during rehearsals which was pretty cool.  Then, as previously reported Tommy Hilfiger came in to give his fashion expertise to each contestant to help then out with their look.

There's no denying it, a star was born, so let's make sure Joshua gets to next round!  His number is 1-866-436-5703, vote as many times as you like or if you're with AT&T text "VOTE" to 5703 and don't forget you can also vote on VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!