The beef between Joyner Lucas and Logic is officially over. The two announced as much through "ISIS," a new song and video that features both rappers flaunting their technical rap wizardry.

In the video for the song, which, as promised, dropped Thursday afternoon (May 23), Joyner Lucas and Logic are decked out in U.S. Army gear as they spit in the desert with a platoon of soldiers. It's fitting for a track that sounds like warfare.

"Kidnap a nigga like ISIS (Woah)/Turn a whole world to a crisis (Woah)/Walk around the city with a ice pick/I been paranoid, usually I ain't like this (Boop! Boop!)/Ain't no tellin' how crazy I might get, uh (Woo!)/Beat the police with a nightstick (Boop!)/And my whole life, I been lifeless/Now I'm so fly, I'm a muthafuckin' flight risk," Joyner spits on the track.

For his part, Bobby Tarantino also unloads some hard-hitting bars. "Me and Joyner need a couple hearses (Woo!)/Double homicide, kill the beat and the verses/Everybody livin' on the surface/But we came from the underground, yeah, we deserve it," Logic spits.

The beef between Joyner and Logic publicly surfaced after Joyner dissed Logic on his remix of Future's "Mask Off" two years ago. While Joyner had plenty of unpleasant things to say about the former XXL Freshman, it looks like things are all good now.

"ISIS" is set to appear on Joyner Lucas' forthcoming ADHD album.

Check out "ISIS" for yourself just below.

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