Judge Mathis is one of the most no nonsense, but yet humorous judges on television right now. His show has constantly been one of the top rated shows on television and this video below is most definately one of the reasons why.

Apparently they are not the best of friends at all. I have to admit these rags were pretty funny and you can't help but to laugh when you think about them going at one another. Even the Judge had to admit that these were pretty funny and actually thought that they had worked out a routine. Check out the funny clip of the two couples going hard in the paint.

While I don't have alot of time to watch alot of television, I have to admit that I would be watching this over and over if this was a situation that was on a regular basis. These couples are funny and maybe they should consider doing a little business together outside of the norm. I could actually see Judge Greg Mathis possibly executive producing the show.

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