,Most of us grew up with television favorites like Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact and, of course, Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I used to look forward to watching him every day, and when I tell you he was a true influence of the culture, that is probably an understatement.

Now, the true story of the man behind the scenes comes to the big screen this November. There couldn't be a better man to play him right now than Tom Hanks, and I am sure there will be an Oscar in the works for this one.

Peep out the trailer below of the actor at his best.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Trailer"

Mister Rogers, I believe I can safely say, influenced the world with his friendly demeanor and openness to all nationalities and people. This movie is going to really show a side of the man we didn't get to know, and I am truly here for it.

This holiday season got just a little bit warmer as Mister Rogers will be visiting our neighborhood by way of the big screen.

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