So I just got off vacation and I am already back on the grind. Of course when I am on vacation, I usually eat, spend time with family and catch up on a few things on television. Well one particular thing really caught my eye and that has to be of this idiot who not only broke into a Mcdonalds store, but decided to get his grub on in the process. I must have laughed over and over from seeing this story, not that it is right to break in and steal, but if you're going to get caught, please go down for more then some fries. Check out the video!!!


It's really something to be said when your food is that good for someone to want to break in and eat it. There is definatley a lesson to be learned from this incident, unfortunately I don't have enough time in the world to begin. Let's just say I hope that late night escapade at the Mickey D's was worth the days spent behind bars!!!