In another bit of news that lends credence to the rumors of tension between Zack Snyder and Warner Bros., Ben Affleck has been officially promoted from mere Batman to Executive Producer-Man on Justice League. Snyder is currently in production on the film in London, having begun less than two weeks after Patty Jenkins wrapped principal production on Wonder Woman.

Deadline reports that WB has promoted Affleck to executive producer on Justice League, for which he'll reprise the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman opposite Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Henry Cavill’s Superman. In addition to his work in front of the camera, Affleck will now collaborate with Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio to shape the creative direction of the two-part film.

This news comes just a week after it was reported that Affleck has been given full creative control over his standalone Batman movie, which he'll also direct from a screenplay co-written with DC’s Geoff Johns. Between the solo Batman project and the recent Justice League promotion, it looks as though WB has a little more faith in Affleck than they do in Snyder, whose Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice underperformed at the box office and received largely negative reviews.

The report notes that Affleck has accepted the executive producer position to “be supportive” of Snyder, as the pair had a positive working relationship on Batman v Superman — and honestly, if some of the rumors we're hearing are true, Snyder could use the additional support.

Justice League will also feature Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen / The Flash, Ray Fisher's Cyborg and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, along with Jeremy Irons reprising his role as Alfred. Part One hits theaters on November 17, 2017 — just one month after Affleck’s next directorial effort, Live by Night.

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