Beliebers, are you ready for this!? It looks like R&B singer Khalil teamed up with his good friend, the one and only Justin Bieber, to create a viral video for their collaborative effort 'Playtime.'

According to its YouTube description, the video is set in Toronto and follows the two singers around the city. It's a pretty somber video, and considering the lyrical content we're not surprised! At one point Justin proclaims that he "got no time to play no games." Considering Justin's busy schedule, we totally belieb it. (We've got puns for days). Khalil goes on to reveal his feelings for whoever it is that keeps playing games with his heart by being straight up, saying: "I hope you know / that you're the one / that I'm dreaming of."

Both Justin and Khalil are clearly having an awesome time filming the video, hanging out, showing off some slick dance moves and at one point viewers can even see them performing in front of a crowd of people.

What do you guys think about the video? Check it out above and let us know!

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