Today in Tha Wire Kanye West has managed to out-do himself with the release of his extremely controversial music video, "Famous."  Yeezy served up some serious shock value this week when he premiered the video Friday in L.A., staring 12 naked celeb wax statues... in bed together.  The video starts with a shot of West sleeping next to his wifey, Kim then cameras start to pan out revealing the a topless Swift look-alike then the other stars in provocative positions barely covered up.

Donald Trump.  All up in their birthday suites as if they were

Inspired by the famous painting,"Sleep," from Vincent Desiderio offering a jaw-dropping depiction of George W. Bush, Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby getting some Z's!

So what in the HELL was Kanye thinking?  He explained the method behind the madness during a recent interview with Vanity Fair saying, “It’s not in support or anti any of [the people in the video], He continued. "It’s a comment on fame.”

Mmmmm.  Okay Kanye.  Anyway, some celebs have already commented on their waxy music video debut.  Former President Bush was among the first.  TMZ reported his rep stated, "In case there was any doubt ... that is not President Bush ... He is in much better shape."  On the flip Ray J is doesn't see anything funny saying, “I’m engaged. My marriage is all messed up because of craziness. I’m not part of nothing crazy,” Ray J added. “I walk down a good path. My fiancée’s tripping. It’s all bad in my world, and that ain’t cool.” “Don’t put me part of nothing that’s weird, that don’t make no sense. Can I grow up?”

Well if she's trip now, just wait cause I'm sure this is gonna get worse before it gets better Ray J.  Below is a fan-shot clip from Yeezy's video premiere last week.

Wow!  Kanye never disappoints.  FYI the "Famous" video is streaming exclusively on TIDAL.  Have fun!  In the meantime for all things entertainment listen up to Tha Wire on The People's Station 107 Jamz at 12:50 p.m. and 3:35 p.m. every weekday.

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