Much like The Life of Pablo itself, Kanye West's hair style seems to be an ever-evolving project, as the rapper appears to have added pinks tones to his previously blonde dyed scalp. When Kanye made his first public appearance following hospitalization, he was rocking a blonde doo while attending a Rick Owens furniture exhibition looking like the cover of a Frank Ocean album.

Prior to the hospitalization, which was reportedly due to exhaustion, West had cancelled the remaining 21 dates on his Saint Pablo tour. In the time since, his every move has been documented with great attention, including a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in New York City. This past weekend, West and his wife Kim Kardashian were spotted in Los Angeles at at a live showing of The Nutcracker, the two reportedly working on their marriage via couple's therapy following what has been a trying few months.

The new colors in Kanye's fade harken back to a previous era of 'Ye, when bright lights and neon hues ruled his aesthetic. Without any word from Kanye himself, it isn't clear whether the style change corresponds with any piece of work, a futuristic look perhaps for Turbo Grafx 16, or if it is purely a personal choice.

Kanye has advocated for Frank Ocean's Blonde in recent months, saying he would boycott he Grammys if it wasn't recognized. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Kanye helped write “White Ferrari” off the album, so some crossover seems possible. Check out West's new head lights above and below.

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