Kanye West was full of surprises on Friday night (April 27). First he trolled us with his “Lift Yourself” (“Whoop-de-di scoop, whoop poop”) and then he dropped his official single, “Ye Vs. the People” featuring T.I.

The soul-sampled-driven track features the rappers having an open dialogue about free thinking and the controversy surrounding Yeezy’s pro-Trump tweets. It’s certainly a polarizing song to say the least. It will also most likely continued the ongoing social media discussion about West’s support for Trump and conservative YouTuber Candace Owens.

After the song dropped, fans jumped on Twitter to shared their opinions about the well-timed song.

Some have applauded West for his brilliant promotional move with the song that will everyone interested in his upcoming solo project, which many believe will be a political album. Others are not buying it and refuse to listen to anything West has to say.

"I believe @kanyewest made a political album and predicted all the contoversy of how people were gunna react to his opinions at the same time using it as promotion, hes proving his point. Genius," tweeted one user.

Another person wrote, "Y’all dumb as hell if you listen to 'ye vs. the people' and just sweep everything that nigga has said n done under the rug with them basic ass rhymes. And no all black people don’t have to be democrats but aligning yourself w/bullshit ain’t they way either."

Finally, one fan tweeted, "Ok.. Ye Vs. The People is interesting, to say the least. But the only thing it proves is that Kanye is a master at media. The whole Twitter rant / MAGA hat picture / etc. was staged to set up the album. Honestly, brilliant move."

Check out more fan reactions to Kanye West's new single below.

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