Kendrick Lamar serves up some epic cinematography in his latest video for “Element,” which is track four from his latest album Damn.

K. Dot warns others not to make him step out of character on “Element.” The video is packed with burning buildings, water, religious symbolism, and Lamar putting hands on a few people to get his point across. To say the least, the video seems symbolic to the rapper, and it’s certainly up for interpretation. It seems to be a vivid look at the world from his perspective.

Damn, his fourth studio album, is out now and available across all music platforms.

All of Kendrick Lamar’s latest videos including “Humble” and “DNA” in some way seem to tie in together. Now we wait for the release of visuals for “Loyalty” featuring Rihanna. Recently, a short video surfaced online from a set that had the track six song playing in the background. We’ll wait and see!

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