People have been waiting to hear from Kendrick Lamar ever since the Compton MC dropped his verse on Big Sean‘s new single ‘Control‘.  Now the wait is over!  Listen to what K-Dot had to say here, with Tha Wire.

Kendrick Lamar-Facebook
Kendrick Lamar-Facebook

K-Dot’s verse has set the Hip Hop community ablaze with controversy.  Several of the rappers he name-dropped in the verse, have spoke out and basically haven’t taken offense to his comments.  Through it all, Kendrick’s been pretty quiet…. until now. The rapper phoned in to Hot 97′s The Realness and talked to Peter Rosenberg about his controversial “Control verse and said:

Here's the reaction of some of the rappers he talked about on the track.  Some took it well and some took it to heart:

Papoose didn't take Kendrick's verse to well.  Here's a listen to Pap on Hot 97 speaking on the issue.

Get more details with Tha Wire below.

Today would have been Michael Jacksons 55th birthday.  Steve Harvey has always been a huge fan of Mikes and did a dedication to the King Of Pop this morning and then played back his interview with the legend.  Now comes word and new Michael Jackson album is in the works.   Before his untimely death, he collaborated with some of the biggest producers in music, including Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley and Timbaland.

Now, the Virginia native claims that a new Michael Jackson collaborative album will be out soon.

Get more details now, plus find out what other HUGE albums this year Timbo had the pleasure to produce.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now:



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