Kevin Gates is back with the second visual in promotion of his three-track release, Chained to the City.

Gates' latest music video for "Let It Sing" sees the rapper posted up in a neighborhood as he reminisces over old times. Throughout the visual, he raps from a few abandoned buildings and takes a ride in a convertible. On the first verse he makes a nod to the gun charges he was detained for, as well as some of the rules he has to abide by while on probation.

"Sip out the canister, rollin up cannabis/I'm not permitted to cross into Canada/Fired my manager, Robert Horry in the game/Switch place, story stay the same/Bale came in the mail, bust it down, you would think I'm Tory Lanez/Broke prayin for a whole thang, shot the tecs and a load came," he spits.

Chained to the City, released May 16, is Gates' first musical effort since his release from prison on January 10. If you remember correctly, the "Change Lanes" rhymer was charged with felony gun possession in Illinois after serving time for assault.

Since his release. the "Had To" rapper has been spending tons of time with his family—unfortunately he's had to miss out on several performances. In May, his wife Dreka Gates announced her husband is not allowed to leave the state of Illinois. "He isn't even allowed to come home to California where we live," she stated. "Since he was released in January, he has not been able to come home not one time."

Watch the video for "Let It Sing" below.

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