Kevin Gateskicking a fan

The Baton Rouge bred rapper was captured on cell phone video kicking the 19-year-old woman after she grabbed his leg on stage during his concert at the nightclub on August, 29, 2015. Gates was later charged and found guilty of battery against Miranda Dixon, who testified in court on Wednesday, October 26, describing how the ordeal transpired, said Fox13News. The rapper also gave testimony in own defense.

The woman allegedly continued to grab at the 30-year-old rapper, and that’s when he reacted by kicking her in the chest. Gates alluded to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law,” claiming the victim continued to grab his shorts repeatedly, and after several verbal warnings he took “necessary force” to protect himself from being harmed. Dixon claims she was kicked so hard that she blacked out after falling backward, and that she suffered from pain in her abdomen for a month afterward.

Gates lawyer is Jose Baez, who previously represented Casey Anthony in her high profile trial where she was acquitted in the disappearance and death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. Baez claims his client was only reacting to Dixon’s battery, and that Gates foot didn’t actually touch Dixon. He also claims the young woman is sticking to her story in order to gain damages in an upcoming civil trial, said Complex.

“Her credibility is to be questioned and you will not be able to beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt in this case believe her and that is why you should enter a verdict of not guilty in this case," Baez said.

The prosecutor only requested a two month sentence in jail for the “2 Phones” rapper, but the judge increased his sentence, added on a year of probation, and mandatory anger management.