Next weekend everyone is going to be checking out the latest movie from Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish called "Night School". When I first saw the trailer I figured the movie would be ok and then they did some tweaking and released a little more footage and I think I can say that I am sold.

Well earlier this week we got some words from comedian Katt Williams that were a little less flattering about Tiffany which were eventually recanted and they even posed together for a photo. Today during an interview with The Breakfast Club, Tiffany and Kevin talked about the incident and of course about the new movie. However I can say that this was probably one of the realest interviews yet. Check them out and pay attention to what Kevin is saying about supporting one another.


I am a firm believer that we all make our bed and we have to lay in it. Kevin Hart has spoken some real things and if people would just take a little time to work together, we could be so far ahead of our time. I have said it before and I will continue to say that if we can all work together things will get better.

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