There has been plenty of promotion centered around  the upcoming movie with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish for "Night School". While the preview tends to show Kevin Hart going back to school in the effort of creating a better future for him. While Kevin was on The Breakfast Club last week, he mentioned that there is more to it then that and there is a message.

Well with the release of the movie shooting for this weekend.They are moving around to various media outlets to talk about their movie and the process for getting it done. It is surprising that they made the return to Hot Ones. They have both been on there at separate occasions, but to get both of them together is going to be something amazing. Peep out the clip below.


Truth Or Dab is something that they need to try out on a regular basis.Make sure you check out the upcoming movies and be on the look out for more things to come from the both of them.


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